United Council of Corvette Clubs

uccc.logo5The United Council of Corvette Clubs (UCCC) was conceptualized in a Holiday Inn parking lot in Cleveland, Ohio in July 1975.  Two strangers shared the same vision, the development of an organization that would bring together Corvette owners and offer a platform on which to celebrate the Chevrolet Corvette.  Three years 7/1978, 34 affiliated clubs joined together in Memphis, Tennessee to host the first official UCCC Convention.

Today the UCCC has grown to support more than 300 members, who represent 21 affiliated clubs throughout the country.  We also enjoy a wholesome relationship with the General Motors Corporation, North American Operations, and several GM dealers throughout the country.  In addition to annual UCCC events, local clubs host hundreds of activities including car shows, racing events, parades, charitable activities, and social events.  They also serve as knowledge regarding services, care, restoration and parts for your Corvette.   read more….


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